Manasa Roga

Psychiatry in Ayurveda

Psychiatry in Ayurveda is a unique field where it deals with all kinds of psychological, psychosomatic and neuropsychiatric disorders holistically. Medical and psychiatric care is provided for the patients with complex problems that are beyond the treatment skills of general Ayurveda physician.

Manasaroga has a special holistic approach of considering Manasika Prakriti (Personality), Mana (Mind & its Emotional States), Buddhi (Intellect) and social wellbeing along with the body. Mental illnesses are approached by Ayurveda through preventive, promotive and therapeutic measures.

Common mental health issues that we deal with:

• Addictions to alcohol and various drugs
• Mood disorders
• Psychological disorders like delusions, schizophrenia, etc.
• Stress, Anxiety and Phobic related disorders
• Psychosexual disorders
• Sleep related disorders
• Epilepsy and other seizures related disorders

According to Indian philosophy, the Mana is psychological entity of the living organism. There were many discussions and debates on the principle of Mana in ancient Indian society. Balanced Manasa Dosha regulates the emotion while the Disturbed Manas Doshas plays an.

Treatment modalities used:

• Panchakarma therapies
• Psychotherapies
• Special medications
• Yoga and Pranayama
• Naturopathic treatments
• Treatments like CST, MARMA etc.

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Dr. Naveen

H.O.D, Shalakya Tantra

BAMS, MS (Prasuti Tantra and Stree Roga, Consulting Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Expert in treating PCOS, PID, Infertility and Antenatal check ups.  

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