Shalakya Tantra

Eye, ENT, Dental and Head Care in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic care sense organs

The Shalakya Tantra is an important branch of Ayurveda dealing with the diseases situated above the clavicle concerned with the disorders of Ear, Nose, Throat, Eye, Dental, Head and Neck.

This department is also concerned with prevention of contagious diseases, Preventive and Promotional aspects of health, etc.


(Dental and Throat)

Oral cavity is abode to germs and infections. For prevention, protection and curing of various oral cavity disorders like recurrent
stomatitis, foul breath, periodontitis, dental caries, gingivitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis,
laryngitis etc.

Srimukha offers:


(Ear Care)

In today’s era when ear is exposed to varied sound pollution, deafness is seen even in young.

For prevention & management of various ear diseases like deafness, tinnitus,
otitis, wax etc.

Srikarna offers:


(Head Care)

Offers excellent & effective treatment for various types of headaches like migraine,
sinusi-tis, trigeminal neuralgia, refrac-tive headaches etc. through Shodhana especially Nasya & other treatments like Shirod-hara, Shiropichu, Shirobasti etc. along with internal medicines.



Pollution playing a very pivotal role in the manifestation of various allergic disorders of nose like allergic rhinitis, for prevention and management of various nasal disorders like DNS, rhinitis, sinusitis, polyps etc.

Srinaasa offers:

Highlights of Dental OPD

• Painless tooth extraction by Jalandhara Bandha Yoga without anesthesia is practiced.
• Panchakarma or detoxification procedures are adopted for maintenance of oral hygiene and for treating periodontal problems.
• Mobile teeth are made strong by using Ayurveda Therapies and Medicines.
• Conventional treatments like filling crest ration, RCT, crowns, bridges are also performed.


Ayurvedic Super Specialty for Eye Care

"Sarvendriyaanaam nayanam pradhaanam."

Among all the sense organs eyes are the most important as it is proved that about 80% of the the knowledge we gain is through the eye. In short, protection of the eye is not only a necessity but also a responsibility of every individual.

Eye treatments offered for

• Prevention • Eye Strain • Non Specific Eye Complaints • Myopia • Hypermetropia • Astigmatism • Conjunctivitis • Cataract • Computer Vision Syndrome
• Stye • Chalazion • Presbyopia • Macular Degeneration • Optic Atrophy • Diabetic & Hypertensive Retinopathy Retinitis • Pigmentosa • Amblyopia
• Glaucoma • Night Blindness & various other ocular disorders

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Naveen

H.O.D, Shalakya Tantra

BAMS, MS (Prasuti Tantra and Stree Roga, Consulting Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Expert in treating PCOS, PID, Infertility and Antenatal check ups.  

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